Data Protection Officer


The Data Protection Officer ensures that personal information is protected. He/she ensures that the data collected in the organisation for which he/she works is kept secure and used in a legal manner. 


Data Protection Officers have a key role to play in meeting the growing needs of organisations with regard to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). He/she is responsible for compliance with the new regulatory requirements linked to digital evolution. He/she thus ensures that his/her employer or client is compliant with regard to the data it collects and uses for commercial purposes. He/she works closely with other functions and company departments. His/her role also involves the use of data internally. 

He/she ensures compliance with data protection legislation. He/she oversees compliance with the law by working with the purchasing, legal, IT and other teams. He/she makes recommendations and proposes alternative solutions where needed to comply with the law. He/she provides advice to management and alerts them in the event of irregularities. He/she manages security risks and incidents. 

The Data Protection Officer holds one of the most cross-functional roles in a company. He/she works at the interface with various professional disciplines, in particular Marketing, General Management, Human Resources and Development. Given the number and diversity of his/her interlocutors, he/she must be able to communicate easily with the various parties, which requires a certain sense of pedagogy as well as finely-tuned persuasion skills. 

Skills and attributes

The Data Protection Officer has a strong IT and legal acumen. He/she is conversant with the basic concepts of data protection and its various components. He/she is familiar with the general regulations governing the protection of personal information, as well as with all approaches, concepts, techniques and methods related to data protection. 

From the fundamentals of privacy, the principle of confidentiality, systems legislation, data transfers, cyber law, to protection incidents and new threats, nothing should elude the Data Protection Officer. He is a hybrid specialist at the interface between mathematics and law. He/she also needs to have the technical and legal knowledge necessary for the regulatory and strategic operation of his/her employer's business operations.