Data Manager


The Data Manager operates at the interface between statistics, IT and company strategy. He/she creates and administers databases.

Using information collected, he/she creates databases, analyses them, draws up customer profiles and studies consumer behaviour. The Data Manager’s role is to deploy his/her technical knowledge in relation to real problems and data, in collaboration with the marketing or sales teams.

He/she may be required to compare this data with other so-called open data, i.e. data that is free of copyright and accessible for all. He/she transforms it into statistical tables that are very useful to different company departments: sales, IT, marketing.


His/her main responsibilities include:

  • Draw up data collection specifications;
  • Collect all the company's defined data;
  • Organise the data to make the best use of it;
  • Update databases by adding missing data and removing errors;
  • Add missing data;
  • Ensure long-term security of data tables;
  • Analyze and communicate simplified data results to non-data specialists.

Skills and attributes

The Data Manager must be able to analyse and summarise data, and to work both independently and as part of a team.

The Data Manager is skilled in mathematics, statistics or algorithmics. This knowledge is generally deployed to build and databases.

Proficiency with IT tools and SQL-type query languages (a computer language specific to databases) is essential. He/she must also be well versed in the company's sector of activity.