Data Architect


The Data Architect is involved upstream of the processing of raw data. He/she is responsible for the collection of data of varying degrees of quality from different internal or external sources. 


On a day-to-day basis, He/she creates and improves infrastructure for storing, handling and retrieving data. The Data Architect designs, documents and builds database applications. His/her global perspective ensures compatibility between databases and frameworks (software infrastructure) and company objectives. He/she works closely with the Data Scientist who provides with the data to be processed. 

Skills and attributes

The Data Architect must be organised, rigorous, flexible and creative (with an innovative mindset). Interpersonal skills are also important, especially for teamwork.

He/she must be proficient in specific IT languages and tools (Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL).He/she must have a good level of English, and good working knowledge of computing platforms, computer modelling, the design of data storage solutions and the processing and transformation of complex data.