Data Analyst / Data Miner / Data Scientist

The Data Analyst or Data Miner processes and manages data from a single source such as the company's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. The Data Scientist has a more senior role than the Data Analyst or Data Miner. He/she handles a larger volume of data from multiple sources.


Their role is to measure company performance compared to objectives and forecasts. They format data using tables or statistics to make it easier to read. They provide the resources necessary to build targeted campaigns that will be effective with customers. 


The Data Analyst or Data Miner extracts data on consumption patterns so that each company department can use it to improve its own performance. In particular, it enables trends to be identified in customer preferences so that the marketing department can define an effective strategy. Consumer habits, flagship products and competitors’ price ranges are among the elements that are useful for positioning oneself more competitively and seducing the customer. In the same vein, he/she will analyse sales data in order to highlight the resources that can be mobilised. 

Their main responsibilities include: 

  • Manage statistical tools and the information necessary to set up a database,
  • Fully manage the various technologies specific to big data,
  • Find relevant data sources,
  • Extract data from the source system,
  • Extract and translate business data into statistical data,
  • Optimise customer segmentation through consumption data,
  • Model and regularly update the database,
  • Control data quality,
  • Analyse numerical data generated by the company's activity,
  • Set up a data warehouse
  • Summarise and simplify information to make it accessible for company managers,
  • Make recommendations for databases modifications,
  • Determine the target of marketing campaigns,
  • Determine purchasing or consumption trends,
  • Facilitate the decision-making process of companies by acting as a consultant.

Skills and attributes

The Data Analyst/Data Miner and Data Scientist have a strong appetite for statistics. They have a full understanding of both computer language and statistical tools. Fluency in English is also an essential prerequisite for working in a highly international field.

Extreme rigour, a highly analytical mind and strong organisational skills are essential qualities for this position.