Chief Data Officer


The Chief data officer drives the company's digital strategy based on data collected. 


He/she ensures that the data collected is reliable and consistent and that it can be processed to support decision-making in line with company's objectives. 

He/she will be able to adjust and adapt data collection to produce different reports. The objective is then to format the data (graphs, algorithms, etc.) to facilitate its use by the relevant departments (marketing, HR, accounting, etc.). 

His/her position is cross-functional and allows for in-depth knowledge of the company and a finger on the pulse across all topics (processes, professions, business issues, services, etc.).

His/her responsibilities lie at the interface between different functions: IT Director, Management Controller, Head of operational activities and support functions.

He/she will work closely with other specialists such as Data Scientists or web analysts. 

Skills and attributes

The Chief data officer is highly proficient in mathematics, statistics and analysis. This requires a high degree of rigour and good organisation skills in order to carry out regular and accurate data monitoring. 

He/she has strong listening, pedagogical and communication skills in order to answer questions, meet the needs of his company and explain the data to different departments. 

Adaptability is also important in order to optimise the database according to demand (suppliers, colleagues, customers, etc.). 

His/her management role requires the ability to lead a team with diplomacy and push for performance.