Business Intelligence Manager


The role of the Business Intelligence Manager or Business Intelligence Consultant is to advise and propose strategic decision-making tools to company decision-makers. 

He/she will then select data, sort and analyse the company’s situation as well as its difficulties using this data. The data will help him/her to define an effective solution adapted to the company's needs.  His/her role continues right through to the application and implementation of the project. 


His/her main responsibilities are to analyse the functional and technical needs of a company and to implement robust and efficient data architecture.

He/she provides solutions and seeks to improve the IT tools deployed in the company’s decision-making processes. 

He/she is also in charge of producing reports for clients and providing support and/or training for employees. 

Skills and attributes

The Business Intelligence Manager must be independent, self-confident, adaptable and must be convincing to reassure decision-makers of the relevance of his/her proposals. 

He/she has broad IT knowledge: systems architecture, development methodologies, CRM (customer relationship management tools), ERP (Integrated Management Software Package), SQL (database specific IT language), etc. 

He/she will also be proficient in specific decision-making tools such as: SAP software, Sybase, Oracle, Datastage, Informatica, Microsoft, Performance Point, Business objects, Cognos, Hyperion...